Introduction to Acetoxy Silicone Seal

Acetoxy silicone sealant is a common high-strength industrial sealant, commonly used in indoor and outdoor building decoration, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electrical appliance manufacturing and other industries. Its main component is silicone polymer, which has high adhesion, high temperature resistance, weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

The characteristics of acetoxy silicone sealant include:

  1. Fast curing: It can quickly form a hard elastomer after reacting with humidity in the air.
  2. Excellent weather resistance: It can be used continuously indoors and outdoors, and is not affected by sunlight and climatic conditions.
  3. Excellent anti-aging performance: It is not easy to deteriorate and discolor, and has a long service life.
  4. High temperature resistance: It can maintain good performance in high temperature environment.
  5. Good adhesion: It can be firmly bonded to a variety of materials, including glass, ceramics, metals and plastics.
  6. Chemical corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of various chemicals and maintain the integrity and performance of the sealing material. In general, acetoxy silicone is a multifunctional sealing material that is widely used in various fields, providing good sealing effect and protective performance.

Popular silane crosslinkers in acetoxy silicone sealant


Triacetoxyethylsilane cas no 17689-77-9


Silanetriol, methyl-,triacetate cas no 4253-34-3


Triacetoxy(propyl)silane cas no 17865-07-5