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Industrial coatings & Silicone Chemicals

Industrial coatings are introduced according to their functional classification:Anticorrosion coatings. Anticorrosion coatings are a type of coating specifically used to prevent corrosion of substrates. It can form a hard protective layer to protect the substrate from oxidation and moisture damage, …
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What is electronic sealant?

What is electronic sealant?Electronic sealant is an adhesive designed for electronic products that can connect different components together. It can not only be used to fasten and protect electronic parts, but also suppress electromagnetic interference of electronic components. The characteristics …
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Polytrimethylhydrosilysilicone’s application in silicone defoamers

Polytrimethylhydrosilysilicone’s application in silicone defoamersOrdinary silicone defoamers are generally emulsified by high-temperature treatment of methyl silicone oil and hydrophobic white carbon black. White carbon black quickly dissolves into sodium silicate in a strong alkali and high temperature environment, while the …
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Introduction to silane cross-linked polyethylene XLPE materials

Main uses:Silane cross-linked polyethylene XLPE materials are mainly used for cable insulation and hot water pipes.Why use silane cross-linked polyethylene?XLPE is the abbreviation of the English name of cross-linked polyethylene. Polyethylene is a linear molecular structure that is very easy …
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Coupling agent for glass-reinforced laminates

In the sizing solution, the coupling agent acts as a "bridge" to bind the fiber to the polymer. There is an intermediate phase between the glass fiber and the resin matrix, which is crucial to determine the properties of fiber-reinforced …
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What material is nano ceramic coating?

What material is nano ceramic coating?Nano ceramic coating is a high-temperature resistant ceramic coating material formed by chemical reaction. It is mainly formed by mixing nano ceramic powder with nano-scale polymer binders. It has a dense high-hardness ceramic coating and …
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