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SF-311 Methyl hydrogen MQ silicone resin LIQUID

SF-311 Methyl hydrogen MQ silicone resin LIQUID


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Methyl hydrogen MQ silicone resin LIQUID
Description[(CH3)2HSiO1/2]a [(CH3)3SiO1/2]b [SiO4/2]c

Technical Data
Appearance: colorless transparent gel; colorless transparent liquid
M:Q1; customized
Hydrogen content: customized

Excellent Characteristics
Methyl hydrogen-containing MQ silicone resin is a new type of organic silicon material with a three-dimensional (nonlinear) structure whose molecules are based on Si-O bonds as the skeleton. Its structural formula is as follows: [(CH3)2HSiO1/2]a [( CH3)3SiO1/2]b [SiO4/2]c
Because it contains active Si-H bonds, in addition to the basic characteristics of methyl MQ silicone resin, it is also reactive and can be used as a cross-linking agent for hydrosilylation vulcanized silicone gum, silicone resin, and film formation in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Agents and other raw materials for modified MQ silicone resin.

Main Use
1. Cross-linking agent: cross-linking agent for silicone rubber and silicone resin.
2. Reinforcing filler: can be used as filler for RTV glue, HTV glue, addition liquid silicone rubber, and hot vulcanized rubber.
3. Tackifier: used in sealants and silicone resin coatings.
4. Other modified MQ silicone resin intermediates.
5. Other additives: such as release agents, defoaming agents, anti-sticking agents and brightening agents, and peeling force regulators for addition-type anti-sticking agents.