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SF-FR576 Melamine cyanurate (MCA)

Melamine cyanurate (MCA)
CAS No.: 37640-57-6
Nitrogen-based halogen-free flame retardant.


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Melamine cyanurate (MCA)
CAS No.37640-57-6
Molecular formula: C6H9N9O3
Molecular weight: 255.194

Technical Data
Appearance: White powder
Cyanuric acid≤0.2
Particle size(um)<1.1, 1.1~1.4, 1.4~1.8, <3,  50<90%<600, customized

Main Use
Melamine cyanurate (MCA), as a nitrogen-based halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant, has the advantages of low toxicity, low smoke, and high thermal stability. MCA is widely used in polymer materials such as nylon, polyester, rubber, and epoxy resin. It is especially suitable for the use of two pure nylons, nylon 6 and nylon 66, which can easily achieve the flame retardant effect of UL 94 V-0; It has various advantages such as extremely low application cost, excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and coloring properties.

1. Excellent flame retardant performance:
2. It has little coloring property and can be formulated into various colors;
3. Excellent electrical properties, especially suitable for electrical appliances and electronics industry;
4. This product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, complying with European green environmental protection requirements.