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SF-H196 Low viscosity alkyl silicone oil

SF-H196-alkyl-silicone-oil china

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Lauryldimethicone【INCI/CTFA】;Low viscosity alkyl silicone oil
DescriptionThis product is an alkyl-modified polysiloxane with low viscosity. It has good spreading performance, gloss, and silky soft and non-sticky skin feel. It is a good dispersant for makeup pigments. It is mainly used in skin care creams, makeup and hair care products in personal care products. This product has excellent compatibility with a variety of organic raw materials in personal care product formulas, and can improve the gloss of powders in makeup. This product has a slight characteristic odor.
Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity(25℃, mpa.s): 2.0-6.0
Specific   gravity(25℃): 0.810-0.840
Refractive  index(25℃): 1.4100-1.4300

Main Use
It is widely used in personal care products such as skin care creams and makeup products.