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SF-HF200 Hydroxyfluorosilicone oil

SF-HF200-cas-no.-63148-56-1 china

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Polytrifluoropropylhydroxysiloxane; poly(hydroxy-3,3,3-trifluoropropylsiloxane); hydroxyfluorosilicone oil
CAS  No.63148-56-1
Molecular Formula: (C4H7F3OSi)n

Technical Data
Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity(25℃, mpa.s): 30,000- 150,000cp
Hydroxyl content(%)>3
Volatile(150ºC, 3h), %<5
Specific gravity, g/cm: 31.28

Main Use
It is divided into different specifications according to the degree of polymerization. The degree of polymerization is indirectly characterized by viscosity, which ranges from 30,000 cp to 150,000 cp. The terminal hydroxyl group is reactive and can undergo condensation reactions. This product can be used to prepare single-component and two-component room temperature vulcanized fluorosilicone rubber, coatings and impregnating materials.