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SF-LA200 Alkyl aralkyl polysiloxane

SF-LA200-Alkyl-aralkyl-polysiloxane china

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name Alkyl aralkyl polysiloxane
Description It has good lubricity, mold release, hydrophobicity, compatibility and printability. Compared with pure alkyl modified silicone oil, the addition of phenyl groups makes the SF-LA200 series have better lubricity, wear resistance, and higher temperature resistance.
Technical Data
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity(25°C, mpa.s) 1200~1400 1500~1900 1700~2000 600~900
Volatile(150℃/3h, %) <1 <1 <3  <1
Refractive index(25°C) 1.465-1.4675 1.4655-1.4675 1.476-1.480 1.475-1.48
Main Use
Used as a grease base oil, alkyl modified silicone oil has excellent lubricity and can be used to lubricate stainless steel and titanium steel that are difficult to lubricate. It can be used as a lubricating oil for aluminum machines without adding boundary lubrication additives. Used as a release agent, it not only has excellent results, but also does not hinder subsequent printing, embossing and painting on the product surface. Used as a hydrophobic agent, it can lower the freezing point of crude oil and improve the impact strength of polypropylene.