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SF-S172 Vinyl-tris(β-methoxyethoxy)silane

SF-S172-CAS-No.-1067-53-4-china Vinyl-tris(β-methoxyethoxy)silane

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Vinyl-tris(β-methoxyethoxy)silane; Vinyl tris(2-methoxyethoxy) silane
CAS  No.1067-53-4
EINECS No.213-934-0
Chemical FormulaC11H24O6Si
Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Purity: 98%
Chromaticity: ≤30
Refractive Index (25℃): 1.4250-1.4350
Density (25℃): 1.0200-1.0600

Main Use
1. It can be used as a cross-linking dispersant for a variety of mineral-filled polymers to improve their mechanical and electrical properties, especially when exposed to moisture.
2. The ultra-fine powder active halogen-free flame retardant produced by modifying aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide fundamentally solves the problems of ultra-fine particle aggregation and insufficient modification and uneven dispersion. This flame retardant is widely used for flame retardancy in wires and cables, engineering plastics, decorative materials, coatings and fabrics;
3. It can improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength of EPDM, silicone rubber, cross-linked polyethylene and other polymers or resins filled with inorganic fillers, especially in the wet state.
4. It can be copolymerized or grafted with monomers in emulsions or coating polymers to produce room temperature cross-linked water-based and solvent-based coatings such as acrylic latex coatings, which have good weather resistance and chemical resistance.