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SF-S332 n-Propyltriethoxysilane

SF-S332-cas-no-2550-02-9 china Triethoxypropylsilane

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: n-Propyltriethoxysilane; Triethoxypropylsilane
CAS  No.2550-02-9
EINECS No.219-842-7
Chemical Formula: C9H22O3Si
Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Purity: 98%
Chromaticity: ≤30
Density (25℃): 0.8870-0.8970
Refractive Index (25℃): 1.3910-1.4010

Main Use
1. Used as a cross-linking agent for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber;
2. Treatment of glass fiber products can improve the water resistance, and surface treatment of inorganic flame retardants and inorganic fillers can improve their dispersion properties;
3. Used for stone and cement-based surface treatment to improve waterproof and stain resistance;
4. As an electron donor in the polymerization process of polypropylene.