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SF-S562 [3-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)propyl]dimethoxymethylsilane

SF-S562-CAS-NO.-65799-47-5 china 3-Glycidoxypropyldimethoxymethylsilane

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: 3-Glycidoxypropyldimethoxymethylsilane; [3-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)propyl]dimethoxymethylsilane
CAS  No.65799-47-5
EINECS No.265-929-8
Chemical Formula: C9H20O4Si

Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Purity: 97%
Chromaticity: ≤30
Density: 1.020

Main Use
A silane coupling agent containing epoxy functional groups, mainly used in glass fiber and unsaturated polyester composite materials, which can improve the mechanical properties, electrical properties, and wet performance of composite materials.