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SF-T490 Isopropyl dioleic(dioctylphosphate)

SF-T490 Isopropyl dioleic(dioctylphosphate) titanate
Titanate coupling agent
CAS No.: 61417-49-0


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Isopropyl dioleic(dioctylphosphate) titanate
CAS  No.61417-49-0

Technical Data
Appearance: Wine red viscous liquid

Main Use
This product is mainly used to treat inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate and talc powder to improve the compatibility between inorganic fillers and resin, thereby improving the mechanical properties and processing performance of the product. It can also improve the thermal stability of composite materials and achieve high filling. Used in coatings, it can reduce the viscosity of the system and increase the filling amount of inorganic fillers. It is used in magnetic recording materials. After the magnetic powder is treated with it, it can improve its dispersion on the substrate and its adhesion to the polymer, so that the magnetic recording material has better fluidity, coatability, high shear strength, and is not easy to Shedding, and good toughness.