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SF-T912 Diisobutoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate

Diisobutoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate
Titanate series
CAS No.: 83877-91-2 china


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Diisobutoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate
CAS  No.83877-91-2
Appearance: Light red transparent liquid. Sometimes it is easy to partially or completely crystallize when stored at low temperatures.

Main Use
As the solvent evaporates during use, this product can undergo a cross-linking reaction with the substrate and active substrates in the ink and coating connectors such as -OH, -COOH, -NH, 0CONH, and -SH to form bridges. The molecular weight is increased, thereby improving many properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and dryness.