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SF-W326 UV Absorber

SF-W326 UV Absorber
CAS No.: 3896-11-5 china


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: 2′-(2′-Hydroxy-3′-tert-butyl-5′-methylphenyl)-5-chlorobenzotriazole
CAS No.’3896-11-5
Molecular formula: C17H18ClN3O
Molecular weight: 316

Technical Data
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Melting point: 137-142℃
Drying weight loss≤0.5%
Weight loss temperature: 230℃(5.0%)
Ash content≤0.1%

Main Use
Products are mainly used in polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, unsaturated resin, polycarbonate, polymethylmethacrylate, polyethylene, ABS resin, epoxy resin, etc. It can be used in combination with phenolic and phosphite antioxidants and HALS to optimize the performance of products for outdoor use.