Silicone cross-linking agent is the core component of RTV-1 and is the basis for determining the cross-linking mechanism and classification naming of the product. Silicone cross-linking agent refers to a silane or siloxane that contains more than three easily hydrolyzable groups in the molecule and can be condensed with Si-OH at the end of the 107 glue molecular chain to form a cross-linked structure. Silane cross-linking agents can be divided into acetic acid type, alcohol type, ketoxime type, acetone type, amide type, etc. At present, the first three types are widely used. Silane cross-linking agents easily react with water and release corresponding small molecules.

Acidic cross-linking agents among silane cross-linking agents generally refer to acetic acid type. Neutral cross-linking agents generally refer to alcohol type, ketoxime type, acetone type, amide type, etc.

Acetic acid cross-linking agent (acidic cross-linking agent)
1. Modified methyl tri acetoxysilane (SF-SMTA, CAS: 4253-34-3)
The crystallization point of the pure product is 40.5°C. It is easy to crystallize and is very inconvenient to use. It is also difficult to bake after crystallization. The glue made from the pure product is easy to crystallize in winter, which is often called swollen particles. The crystallization condition of modified methyltriacetoxysilane is improved, and all properties are balanced.
2. Ethyl triacetoxysilane (SF-SETA, CAS: 17689-77-9)
Ethyl tri acetoxysilane is an essential material when making high-performance acid glue.
3. Propyltriacetoxysilane (SF-SPTA, CAS: 17865-07-5)
Propyl cross-linking agent is equivalent to a neutral cross-linking agent between methyl and ethyl. It is not as strong as ethyl but better than methyl. It is not easy to crystallize, but the curing speed is relatively slow when used alone. Generally, it is mixed used with methyl.

Ketone oxime cross-linking agent
1. Methyl tris (methyl ethyl ketoxime) silane SF-SMOS, CAS: 22984-54-9
2. Vinyl tris(methylethylketoxime) silane SF-SVOS, CAS: 2224-33-1
3. Phenyl tris (methylethyl ketoxime) silane SF-SPOS, CAS: 34036-80-1
Hybrid type can be customized according to customer needs

Alcohol type cross-linking agent
1. Methyltrimethoxysilane SF-S131, CAS: 1185-55-3
The most difficult indicator to control in MTMS is chloride ions. The higher the pH value after hydrolysis, the lower the chloride ions.
2. Tetrapropoxysilane SF-S430, CAS: 682-01-9
3. Ethyl silicate SF-S028, CAS: 78-10-4