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SF-074 phenyl methyl silicone intermediate

CAS No.: 68957-04-0

Liquid silicone resin for high temperature coatings.

SF-074 is a methoxy-functional, solvent-free liquid phenyl methyl silicone intermediate.


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Dimethylmethoxyphenyl siloxane, phenyl methyl silicone intermediate
CAS  No.:68957-04-0
Description: SF-074 intermediate is a methoxy-functional, solvent-free liquid silicone resin. Since it contains phenyl group, when reacting with organic resins that contain chemically active hydroxyl groups to form silicone-organic copolymers, the end copolymers will exert heat resistance and anti-weathering properties. The intermediate can also hydrolyze and self- condense to produce a cured, silicone mopolymer.

Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
Active conten: t100%
Methoxy content: 15-18%
Viscosity(25℃): 90-180
Specific gravity(25℃): 1.15-1.17
Refractive index(25℃): 1.4900-1.5100

Main Use
Excellent compatibility with organic resins, such as polyesters, acrylics, epoxies.
Coil coatings, industrial coatings, high temperature coatings, protective coatings, ceramic coatings, cookware coatings.