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SF-201D Methyl MQ silicone resin

SF-201D Methyl MQ silicone resin

CAS  No.68988-56-7

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Methyl MQ silicone resin; MQ methyl powder silicone resin; Polytrimethylhydrosilylsiloxane
CAS  No.: 68988-56-7
EINECS No.: 273-530-5
Chemical Formula: [(CH3)3Si1/2]a [SiO4/2]b

Technical Data
Appearance: White powder
M:Q: 0.8
Solubility: Toluene, xylene, 120# solvent oil, D5, dimethyl silicone oil, etc.

Main Use
1. Make high-temperature resistant coatings for insulation, jointing, sealing, etc. of H-class motors.
2. Make a high-temperature-resistant and strong-alkali-resistant defoaming agent to improve the anti-foaming performance of the defoaming agent.
3. Make the ingredients of release agents in various plastic fields, especially in production of PU.
4. Suitable as a tackifier for the bonding and compounding of inorganic materials and organic materials.
5. Used as a reinforcing agent in silicone rubber. The reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent and has high mechanical strength.
6. Silicone conformal coating.