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SF-101 Methylvinyl MQ silicone resin

SF-101 Methylvinyl MQ silicone resin

CAS  No.68988-89-6


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Methylvinyl MQ silicone resins
CAS  No.: 68988-89-6
EINECS No.: 614-874-1
Description: Methylvinyl MQ silicone resin is a new type of silicone material with a three-dimensional (nonlinear) structure whose molecules are based on Si-O bonds as the skeleton. Its structural formula is as follows: (CH3)2(CH2=CH)Si01/ 2]a [(CH3)3Si01/2]b [Si04/2]c where[(CH3)2(CH2=CH)Si01/2]a [(CH3)3Si01/2]b is the M structure, [Si04/2]c is the Q structure. Depending on the M:Q value [i.e. (a+b)/c], its performance, specifications and applications are different.

Technical Data
Appearance: White powdery solid
M:Q: (0.7-1):1 ,  0.9:1
Vinyl content: customized, 0.05 mol/100g
Solubility: Toluene, xylene, 120# solvent oil, D5, dimethyl silicone oil, etc.
Main Use
High temperature resistant, waterproof coating; silicone rubber reinforcing agent, additive mold glue, pressure-sensitive glue, adding 40% to transparent mold glue can produce high transparency and high elongation mold glue.