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SF-608B Water-based silicone resin emulsion

SF-608B Water-based silicone resin emulsion


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Methyl phenyl silicone resin emulsion; Water-based silicone resin emulsion
Description Ingredients: Methyl phenyl silicone resin, emulsifier, a small amount of solvent and deionized water.
Water-based and in line with national environmental protection policies and regulations.
Excellent formula operability and high temperature resistance. Generally, the temperature resistance of varnish can reach 300~350℃, and the temperature resistance of colored paint can reach 600+℃.

Technical Data
Appearance: Milky white liquid
Viscosity(Brookfield, 2# 50rpm)mpas: 100-200
Solid Content(150°C, 2h)%: 50±2

Main Use
It is generally recommended to be used in heat-resistant industrial coatings, such as heat-resistant coatings for boilers, heat source pipes, chimneys and other industrial equipment. SF-608B is a dispersion of methylphenyl silicone resin in water, containing a small amount of xylene, generally 5~10%; SF-608B has temperature resistance comparable to that of solvent-based silicone resin. Generally, varnishes can withstand temperatures of 300~350℃, and colored paints can withstand temperatures of 500~650℃. Specifically, varnishes still have very high temperature resistance at 300~350℃. Good high temperature resistance and yellowing resistance, aluminum silver paint or black paint (inorganic black) still has good resistance to cracking and peeling at 500~650℃; SF-608B has a high Tg and molecular weight design, so it has good film formation, quick drying and hardness, and can meet the rapid self-drying and transportability requirements of large workpiece coating.