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SF-211 Methyl MQ silicone resin in PDMS

SF-211 Methyl MQ silicone resin in PDMS

CAS: 68988-56-7


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Methyl MQ silicone resin in PDMS
Description: SF-211 Methyl MQ silicone resin dispersion is a dispersion of SF-201 Methyl MQ silicone resin in dimethyl silicone oil. Its performance is the same as the corresponding SF-201 Methyl MQ silicone resin. CAS: 68988-56-7

Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Silicone resin content: 50%

Main Use
1. Make high-temperature resistant coatings for insulation, jointing, sealing, etc. of H-class motors.
2. Make a high-temperature-resistant and strong-alkali-resistant defoaming agent to improve the anti-foaming performance of the defoaming agent.
3. It is an ideal material for making various waterproof coatings and lipsticks in the daily chemical industry.
4. Improve and adjust the peeling force of pressure-sensitive adhesive, so it can be used as a peeling force regulator for making pressure-sensitive tapes, etc.
5. Make the ingredients of release agents in various plastic fields, especially in production of PU.
6. Suitable as a tackifier for the bonding and compounding of inorganic materials and organic materials.
7. Used as a reinforcing agent in silicone rubber. The reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent and has high mechanical strength.
8. Silicone conformal coating.