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SF-611 Liquid silicone resin

SF-611 Liquid silicone resin


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Silicone resin; liquid silicone resin
Description: It is the methyl ester of a mixture of different oligomeric methylsilicates.

Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, milky white light allowed
Viscosity (25℃), cp: 20-200
Flash point, ℃: ≥65
Alkoxy group content (wt%): ~30%

Main Use
This product is a low molecular weight, solvent-free silicone resin made by mixing and hydrolyzing alkoxysilanes with different functionalities. It can be cured at room temperature and has good activity, high hardness, non-sticking in hot state, small gloss loss, Excellent properties such as low smoke when heated.
Mainly used to make high-solid heat-resistant coatings, such as automobile, motorcycle and aircraft parts (such as exhaust systems, mufflers, engine parts), household appliances (oven, stove, barbecue), and can also be used to harden automobile protection Crystal plated material.