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SF-BTTEH Monobutyltin-tris-(ethylhexoate)

SF-BTTEH Monobutyltin-tris-(ethylhexoate)
Heat stabilizer
CAS No.: 23850-94-4

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Monobutyltin-tris-(ethylhexoate)
CAS  No.23850-94-4
Chemical Formula: C28H54O6Sn

Technical Data
Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid
Tin content(%)18.5-20.5
Density (20℃)1.05±0.01

Main Use
1. Suitable for the synthesis of saturated polyester resin used in powder coatings, coil (steel) coatings, insulating paints, etc.
2. Suitable for producing unsaturated polyester resin, such as film coatings, sheets, mold materials, etc.
3. Suitable for the production of polymer plasticizers.
4. The esterification time can be shortened, and the final product does not require neutralization and washing.
5. Suitable for the synthesis of PBT engineering resin and other esterification and transesterification reaction products.
6. Suitable for the synthesis of aromatic polyester polyols and ring-opening polymerization used in polyurethane.