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SF-DBTDL Dibutyltin dilaurate

SF-DBTDL Dibutyltin dilaurate
Polyurethane catalyst
CAS No.: 77-58-7 china

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Dibutyltin dilaurate
CAS  No.77-58-7
Chemical Formula: C32H64O4Sn

Technical Data
Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid
Tin content(%)>18.2
Density (20℃)1.05±0.02

Main Use
1. This product is a catalyst with strong gelling properties. Can be used as a drier in paints and inks.
2. Suitable for elastomers, silicone rubber, adhesives, sealants, coatings, soft and hard foam, foam molding, RIM, etc.
3. It can be used as PVC heat stabilizer, suitable for soft and semi-soft PVC products, such as transparent films, PVC pipes and artificial etc.
4. It can act as a catalyst in silicone rubber or rubber to prevent products from yellowing at high temperatures.
5. It can be used as a catalyst for the cross-linking reaction of acrylic rubber and carboxyl rubber, polyurethane foam synthesis and polyester synthesis.
6. This product can be used together with amine catalysts to produce high-density structural foam, spray hard foam, and hard foam boards.
7. Photothermal stabilizer suitable for polyamide and phenolic resin.
8. Can be used as an efficient lubricant in hard transparent products.