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SF-DBTA Dibutyl tin diacetate

SF-DBTA Tin catalyst
CAS No.: 1067-33-0
Room temperature silicone rubber curing catalyst

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Dibutyl tin diacetate; Dibutyltin diacetate; DBTDA
CAS  No.1067-33-0
EINECS No.213-928-8
Chemical Formula: C12H24O4Sn

Technical Data
Appearance: Light yellow or colorless transparent liquid with an acetic acid smell. It is solid or semi-solid below 10℃.
Colour (Pt-Co): 150max
Sn content(%)32.5±0.5
Tin content(%)32-34.4
Freezing point(℃)8-10
Density (20℃)1.32±0.005

Main Use
Gel catalyst, mainly used as room temperature silicone rubber curing catalyst, especially suitable for deacetic acid silicone products; its characteristic is that the catalytic speed is faster than dibutyltin dilaurate, and can be used for polyurethane elastomers and spray-coated rigid polyurethane foams , hard foam high resilience molded foam, etc. In order to reduce its acetic acid smell, it can be used in conjunction with dibutyltin dilaurate. The ratio of dibutyltin diacetate to dibutyltin dilaurate is usually 1:9 or 2:8. This product should be tightly closed immediately after use. It is easily hydrolyzed when exposed to air and solids will precipitate at the mouth of the bottle. It can also be used as a catalyst for polyurethane coatings.