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SF-DTMT Dioctyltin maleate

SF-DTMT Dioctyltin maleate  CAS No. 16091-18-2

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name Dioctyl(maleate)tin, Dioctyltin maleate
CAS No. 16091-18-2
Chemical Formula C20H36O4Sn

Technical Data
Appearance Milky white powder
Molecular weight 459.21
Tin content(%) 25-27
Saponification value 225mgKOH/g-255mgKOH/g

Main Use
Dioctyltin maleate can be used as a non-toxic stabilizer in the field of PVC and plastics. It has excellent long-term thermal stability and good light stability. This product has a similar effect to dibutyltin maleate, but is more environmentally friendly. This product has a synergistic effect when used with di-n-octyltin thiol, and is suitable for hard transparent products.