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SF-T622 Isopropyl trioleyl titanate

SF-T622 Isopropyl trioleyl titanate
Titanate coupling agent
CAS No.: 136144-62-2 china


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Isopropyl trioleyl titanate
CAS  No.136144-62-2

Technical Data
Appearance: Wine red viscous liquid

Main Use
This product is mainly used to process polyolefins filled with inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate and talc powder, which can improve the mechanical properties of products. Applicable resins include: PP, PE and other non-polar or semi-polar polymers. It can be used in rubber products such as natural rubber and butadiene rubber to improve the tear strength, elongation at break, and tensile strength of the products. When used in coatings, it can reduce the viscosity of the system, increase the solid filling amount, increase leveling, and at the same time give the coating good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. As an inorganic filler surface treatment agent, calcium carbonate, talc powder, and kaolin can be treated to increase the hydrophobicity and dispersion of fillers.