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SF-T689 Titanium(IV) isopropoxide

Titanium(IV) isopropoxide; TPT
Titanate series
CAS No.: 546-68-9 china


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Titanium(IV) isopropoxide; TPT
CAS  No.546-68-9
Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid

Main Use
This product is used in esterification reactions, transesterification reactions of esters such as acrylic acid, and polymerization reactions of epoxy resin, phenolic plastics, silicone resin, polybutadiene, PP, and PE; as a cross-linking agent: used in many It plays a cross-linking role in a polymer or resin binder; used in the coating and paint industry: to promote the bonding between the coating and the surface, improve the dispersion and coloring effects, and improve the anti-corrosion ability of the coating; it can also be used as a surface modification agents, adhesion promoters, and paraffin and oil additives.