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Silicone used in agricultural development

When vegetable farmer friends buy pesticides, dealers will recommend silicone additives. So what exactly is this silicone used for?Organosilicon, broadly speaking, refers to compounds that contain SI-C bonds and at least one organic group is directly connected to a silicon …
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Classification and application of adhesives (3)

Classification by physical formSealant1.1 Classification according to sealant vulcanization method(1) Moist air vulcanized sealantThis series of sealants cure with moisture in the air. It mainly includes single-component polyurethane, silicone rubber and polysulfide rubber. The polymer base material contains active groups, …
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Classification and application of adhesives (2)

Classified by useSealing adhesiveMainly used for the connection of doors, windows and prefabricated houses. High-end sealing adhesives include silicone and polyurethane adhesives, while mid-range sealing adhesives include neoprene adhesives, polyacrylic acid, etc. In my country, in the construction adhesive market, …
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Classification and application of adhesives (1)

Classification and application of adhesives (1)There are many types of adhesives, which can be divided into many types according to their ingredients, uses, and physical forms. Here we have sorted out the classification and uses of adhesives from these three …
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Triacetoxyethylsilane for kinds of sealants

Triacetoxyethylsilane, you can name it ethyltriacetoxysilane, with cas number 17689-77-9.It is widely used in anti-mould silicone, acetoxy silicone, rtv silicone sealant, marine silicone; neutral cure silicone sealant, RTV Acetoxy Silicone Sealant, Marine Mildew Resistant Silicone, RTV SILICONE ALUMINUM.
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One component RTV

The vulcanization reaction of one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is initiated by moisture in the air. The commonly used cross-linking agent is methyltriacetoxysilane. Its Si-O-C bond is easily hydrolyzed. The acetoxy group combines with the hydrogen group in the …
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Alcohol-based neutral silicone sealant

1. Properties of alcohol-based neutral silicone sealantAlcohol-type neutral silicone sealant is a high-performance sealing material using organic silicon compounds and alcohol as cross-linking agents. It has stable chemical properties, is not easy to age, and has good resistance to high …
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Silane Crosslinking Agent Recommendation

Silicone cross-linking agent is the core component of RTV-1 and is the basis for determining the cross-linking mechanism and classification naming of the product. Silicone cross-linking agent refers to a silane or siloxane that contains more than three easily hydrolyzable …
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