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SF-605 Silicone resin

SF-605 Silicone resin


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Silicone resin
Description: Silicone intermediate/Hydroxy-functional silicone supplied as flaked solid.
Analog: Silres 605

Technical Data
Appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent solid
Volatile matter %: ≤ 3
Softening point (℃): 70-90
Solubility in toluene(1:1): Clear and transparent

Main Use
1. It is used in the powder coating industry to improve the heat resistance and weather resistance of the coating, and has less impact on the recoatability of the coating than other solid silicone resins;
2. When used in heat-resistant industrial coatings, it can generally be added directly through compounding. The addition ratio is critical to the temperature resistance. It is generally recommended that the introduction amount be ≥15% (calculated based on effective solid content); if it can be connected through polymerization Introducing it in the form of branches can further provide more balanced performance;
3. Apply weather-resistant polysiloxane coating, and combine it with organic resin to give the coating both weather resistance and salt spray resistance, which complies with the “”HG/T 4755-2014 Polysiloxane Coating”” standard;