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SF-DBTM Dibutyltin maleate

SF-DBTM Dibutyltin maleate
Polyurethane catalyst
CAS No.: 78-04-6

Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Dibutyltin maleate
CAS  No.78-04-6
Chemical Formula: C12H20O4Sn

Technical Data
Appearance: White powder
Tin content(%)32-33
Moisture content(%)<2
Density (20℃)1.318

Main Use
1. It can be used as a heat stabilizer in the field of polyvinyl chloride. It has excellent heat resistance, is transparent and has no sulfur pollution, and can prevent products from turning yellow at high temperatures.
2. Can be used as a catalyst for esterification and transesterification reactions.
3. It can be used as a condensation catalyst and a heat stabilizer for gasoline anti-explosion agent.
4. Suitable for hard transparent products.