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Adhesives & Sealants

Sealant is a sealing material that deforms with the shape of the sealing surface, is not easy to flow, and has a certain degree of adhesion. It is an adhesive used to fill configuration gaps and achieve sealing effect. It has the functions of leakage prevention, waterproofing, vibration prevention, sound insulation and heat insulation. Usually dry or non-drying viscous materials such as asphalt, natural resin or synthetic resin, natural rubber or synthetic rubber are used as base materials; with inert fillers such as talcum powder, clay, carbon black, titanium dioxide and asbestos, and then added Made of plasticizers, solvents, curing agents, accelerators, etc.

Sanfan’s MQ silicone resin, silane cross-linking agents, silane coupling agents, and organotin catalysts are widely used in MS polymers, silicone sealants, RTV gasket sealants, structural sealants, etc.

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