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Plastics & Rubber

Rubber is an elastic, natural or synthetic material derived from latex or petroleum and is known for its flexibility and elasticity. Plastics are a large family of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials made of polymers that are characterized by their malleability and versatility in applications. Rubber products have good friction resistance and aging resistance, and also have good shock-absorbing properties. These properties make rubber products widely used in automobile tires, sealing rings, pipes and other fields.Plastic products have good corrosion resistance, insulation and plasticity, and are suitable for manufacturing furniture, electrical appliances, packaging materials, etc.

Sanfan actively develops and supplies silicone resin products, such as silicone light diffuser and MQ silicone resin. Sanfan provides customized benchmark silane products for the cable and fiberglass industries. In addition, Sanfan has the advantage of supplying organic tin, organic titanium, halogen-free flame retardants, tert-butyl benzoic acid series, and UV absorbers and other products.

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