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Silicones are leading the way of life in the electronic age in many ways. Silicones are used in the manufacture of mobile phones, the Internet, wireless computers and smart cards. High-performance materials made with silicone technology are entering today’s increasingly demanding electronic and electrical fields. Silicones seal and protect extremely sensitive circuits, semiconductors and equipment from heat, contamination and accidental damage, and help ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

Sanfan is one of the earlier companies in China that focuses on developing and supplying MQ resin. MQ silicone resin is a kind of organic silicone resin with a relatively unique structure. It is composed of an organic silicon compound containing four-functional siloxane chain links (SiO4/2, Q) and a single-functional siloxane chain link (R3SiO1/2 , M) silicone grease with a three-dimensional spherical structure produced by a co-hydrolysis-condensation polymerization reaction of organic silicon compounds. Our SF-201D is mainly used in conformal coating. Conformal anti-coating is a specially formulated coating that is mainly used to protect circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion.

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