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SF-T962 Poly-n-Butyl-titanate

Poly-n-Butyl-titanate; TBTP
Titanate series
CAS No.: 9022-96-2 china


Product description

Product Description
Chemical Name: Poly-n-Butyl-titanate; TBTP
CAS  No.9022-96-2
Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid

Main Use
1. It can be used as the base material of heat-resistant paint. Among heat-resistant paints, it has relatively comprehensive properties, improves the hardness and adhesion of the paint film, and has better overall stretchability;
2. TBTP is an excellent surface treatment agent for metal powder used in making metal powder paint;
3. Heat-resistant coatings formulated with TBTP and aluminum powder or zinc powder have good anti-corrosion properties under normal temperature and high humidity environments;
4. TBTP is a curing accelerator and modification aid for polyester enameled wire paint. It can reduce the baking temperature of the paint film, increase the adhesion of the paint film to the metal, make the surface of the paint film smooth, and improve the anti-solvent resistance of the paint film. properties, aging resistance, wear resistance and mechanical strength, etc.;
5. TBTP can also be used as a curing accelerator for silicone resin paint to reduce the curing temperature of silicone paint and improve heat resistance;
6. Adding a small amount of TBTP to some coatings can act as an antioxidant, inhibit the crusting of the coating and the wrinkling of the paint film, improve the durability of the paint film, reduce the tendency of powdering, and improve the gloss retention properties and pigments of wettability.